I have reserved this section to communicate with you on a regular basis regarding the happenings in our world today, events or trends in the past that may have been a foundation for current happenings, and what the future might bring us. Much of what you see here will be my own opinions, feelings, and/or beliefs. And at times, I will be presenting ideas or writings of others.


Post June 15, 2023. Coming soon. "Douglas, Dudley, and Dave: The Saga of the Haines Brothers. A Memoir."


Post November 6, 2022     PLEASE VOTE for DEMOCRACY!




Post July 14, 2021


Today I deleted all of the posts that existed for the last 4 years because this is a new era! Especially during the last 2 years, much of the writing was about the pending national elections. But they are over. The people have spoken. To continue and make better our nation and democracy, and to promote and protect our freedoms, we must move on and look to, and work for, the future. The following will focus on how to do better, mostly in education.


The hallmark of a strong democracy is an educated public. ALL of the public. Lifelong education, from early childhood through adult, must be paramount. Neither can be ignored or neglected.