I firmly believe that a strong and appropriate humanitarian education system, well researched and implemented, aligned from pre-birth through adult, provided equally for ALL people, monitored and evaluated both formatively and summatively, will result in a free country with liberty and justice for all.


February 1, 2017 Education Entry


As with the "Writing" menu tab, I will make posts on education periodically on the "Education" tab. This posting may be an opinion of mine, based on research I have done, or a post on education from a guest. All posts are to be on improving education, from pre-birth through adult.


I have been in the business of education for over 50 years but of course there is much about education that I do not know. We must all be continually learning! And using this learning for the good of humanity. There are many different educational methodologies and practices in the United States and worldwide. I find it exciting to study and learn about these different methodologies and practices!


Recently I had the good fortune to be given a tour of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Waldorf School. I was amazed by what I learned and what I saw. Waldorf schools seek to educate the whole student, from preschool through high school, based on humanitarian principles--at least this is the impression I got from my brief 2-hour tour of the school and listening to Waldorf educators describe their practices to me. They say that the schooling that they provide the students is schooling for the head, hands, and heart. For example, playing music is part of each day's activities in all the grades. And, from the fourth grade on, all students learn to play a musical instrument. All students plant a garden. Each class, under the direction of its teacher, stages a play during the year. These are just some of the examples I either witnessed or were explained to me.


I left the school with the thought that all students worldwide ought to be able to enjoy the benefit of attending a school that seeks to provide a way for the complete development of each student's full potential. A schooling of the head, hands, and heart. Of course, we all know that unfortunately this is only happening for a very small percentage of children worldwide. But it should happen for all children! And it could if adults would but work together cooperatively and collaboratively.


Since my exposure to the Santa Fe Waldorf School, I decided to research the Waldorf methods more thoroughly and this took me to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) website. After much research and study of the Waldorf methods in this website, the reader is invited to make comments and post them on the Waldorf website. The following is my post on their website on February 1, 2018:


"Our world is in perilous times! People are struggling; countries are struggling. There are grabs for power and domination everywhere. Countries are seeking to destroy each other culturally, socially, educationally, physically, morally, ethically, and in so many other ways. Survival of the fittest. Wars are happening, millions are being killed. AND WHAT DOES THIS SAY TO OUR CHILDREN? It tells them that adults are out of control, that nothing makes sense! It destroys children. And this will destroy the world!"


"Education is the only way out! Education is the only way to survive and progress. We, as adults, must seek to provide an ethical, moral, and compassionate developmental education for ALL children worldwide. We are all human. We all have intrinsic value. We must develop and practice better ways! I have been an educator for 50 years and I am studying Waldorf education methods and practices, along with many others. I have dedicated my life to this pursuit. Please see my website Please join/communicate with me."