David Haines, Ed.D.


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Ed.D.  Emphases in special education administration and university teaching with major content areas in mental retardation and early childhood special education, University of Northern Colorado.

M.A.: Psychology, Counseling, and Guidance, University of Northern Colorado.

B.A. (with Honors): Social Sciences/American Problems, University of Wyoming.

A.A.: Eastern Wyoming College.



Dr. David Haines has a lot of experience in life and work, both informal and formal. He was the second boy born in a family that consisted of 3 boys born first, then 3 girls, then a half-sister. He considered himself a "middle" child in ordinal position. Dr. Haines believes he was extremely lucky to have lived on ranches and farms and also in large and small cities. He experienced moving 29 times before he was 16 years old and attended 16 different schools before he graduated from high school. This allowed him to learn from and adapt to many different cultures and ethnic groups. Dr. Haines "dropped out" of high school when he was in the ninth grade. After working for one year, he returned to school and graduated. He went on to attend colleges and earn baccalaureate, master's, and doctor's degrees. He has taught and administered in most all educational environments from preschool through adult levels. Dr. Haines has worked for public schools, in charter schools, for institutions of higher education, for the federal and state governments, in residential treatment centers, and for non-profit organizations. He has been a principal partner and founder of three consulting businesses.


For the past six years, Dr. Haines has turned his focus almost exclusively to consulting and writing. He has a deep interest in how we in the United States facilitate learning for all ages of citizens, what we teach, how we evaluate teaching and learning, and how we compare and contrast in education with the rest of the peoples of the world. He has also nurtured and developed his passion for autobiographical and memoir writing during the past several years and focuses on this at least half of his time.


If you are interested in visiting with Dr. Haines about any facet of education or autobiographical and memoir writing and/or how he may be able to serve you or your organization, please contact him.